Frame Your Artwork On a Budget

It is soooo exciting to find a steal piece of artwork and then reality hits. It's going to cost a mini fortune to frame it. Most originals do not come in standard sizes and you will have to do custom which can cost 100's to 1000's. 

What I love to do is first find old frames at antique, consignment and thrift shops and then find the artwork. I found this old rickety frame for $5. 

Knowing the size of the frame, I searched for art that was smaller than the frame.  I found an affordable and beautiful piece by Leonard Seed. You can find his artwork here: This website has 1000's of artists and you can narrow it down to zip code to find local options. 

I took this frame to Michaels and they reinforced it with new back and brackets for $7 and then created a custom matte for Leonard’s painting. All together this cost me $20 and it looks beautiful. There are many websites that show you how to DIY it.  I think this is a good one - I am still a believer that it typically looks a million times better getting it done by a professional and still not having to spend that much money – win-win. 

Take it a step further and find multiple frames and create an art wall!