Rugs On A Budget

Not only is hard surface flooring (hardwood, engineered, cork, etc.) more expensive than carpet, but they often need rugs and this really raises the budget. Rugs come is all different sizes, their fibers can be both natural or synthetic and they can be handmade or machine made. There is a huge range of pricing depending on these factors. For example an 8x10 rug can cost anywhere from $350-$8,000+ give or take! That being said, if you used the majority of your budget on new hardwood flooring and you really need rugs or you just do not want to spend too much money on it,  I have your solution… (drum roll please) 

Create a list of the rug size and color(s) you need for each room. 

Go to a carpet store and check out their remnant carpet (rolls of carpet leftover from a large project)

Measure and select the remnant carpet that works with your needs (most of the time it’s final sale, so triple check before purchasing)

Ask the carpet store if they bind remnants (often times the remnant is not cut straight, so binding makes the lines straight and keeps it from unraveling or fraying)! If they do not bind remnants, they will be able to refer you to someone who does! There are online DIY kits, but depending on rug size, it is hard to cut a perfectly straight line and bind it so the raw edges are not exposed (they are very sharp). You can get it professionally done for approx. $1 a linear foot.